Impact of Technology on Your Business

Six things you can do to get the most from IT services in Central and Eastern Europe

27. 3. 2014 Mark Yates, IDC

If you run a business in Central and Eastern Europe, your IT ecosystem is set to change — if it has not changed already. Client-based systems and desktop applications are losing ground to hosted and cloud-based solutions. Cumbersome license fees and agreements could also be things of the past. And with lines of business increasingly IT savvy, gone are the days when everything has to be run through the IT department and its budget.

Time to Start Thinking About the "Omni Channel"

18. 12. 2013 Mark Yates, IDC

The retail sector is already on its way. Start-stop shopping and showrooming (where customers move across a number of channels and use the store as a showroom before making a purchase) is forcing online and brick-and-mortar stores to adapt. To win and retain customers, it is not enough to simply put up websites and deploy an off-the-shelf ecommerce solution. Shops must create a seamless experience between websites, social media, apps, location-based promotions, stores, call centers, email, and hardcopy promotions.

Change Is Inevitable – but That Does Not Make It Easy

17. 12. 2013 Mark Yates, IDC

We have all heard that borders are breaking down in business: between countries, between on-site and mobile work, between live and virtual customer service, between professional and personal life. We know mobility and cloud will change IT services delivery. And we know that analytics will dive into data to help us make decisions in ways once considered impossible.

Growing IT Talent for the Future: A Structured Approach to a Major Challenge

16. 12. 2013 Zoltan Komaromi, IDC

The most significant shift in IT development and innovation to occur in decades is toward the 3rd Platform, which is built on four pillars — cloud computing, mobility, social media, and Big Data analytics. This shift has taken on increasing urgency in 2013 as the market matures past the exploration stage to full-blown competition. The 3rd Platform is changing the relationship between the IT department and lines of business and is providing new technology usage methods that are able to drive business productivity. The impact on IT departments and the skill sets required from IT staff will be major challenges for organizations as they shift to the 3rd Platform.

What Happens When Leading CIOs Meet on Stage?

20. 11. 2013 Zoltan Komaromi, IDC

The panelists at IDC's 2013 CIO Summit enthusiastically discussed the challenges and concerns of planning IT strategy, leading IT teams, and how best to drive their organizations forward with the help of technology.

Post offices, telcos, railways, manufacturers, and government bodies – pick your industry – are all facing difficult decisions about how to transform in this time of rapid technological development. Some companies can get by with minor changes, such as server consolidation and virtualization software; others must radically change their IT organizations, moving everything to cloud and helping CEOs use IT to change business models fundamentally.

How Do European CIOs Differ from American CIOs?

20. 11. 2013 Mark Yates, IDC

The numbers tell an interesting story. CIOs around the world have similar goals and issues. However, regional differences show when we compare our survey of last year's CIO attendees with an IDC survey of CIOs in North America.

CIOs who say better alignment of IT with business is a top priority:

  • At the Vienna summit: 63%
  • In North America: 58%

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